Friday, August 12, 2016

My gratitude to the angels

A brief but heartfelt note to thank all the wonderful people that answered my call for help and supported my project so gladly. You helped a good cause and the success of it was greatly thanks to you. My dragon heart is in debt with you and I'll be forever thankful.

Dragon Hugs!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Calling all angels!

I finished one side of the Mother Dragon's card. It looks pretty well for something that, at some point, seemed completely messed up and ruined. It's amazing what can be accomplished with a bit of faith and a lot of work and patience. I've learned several things from it and not just about art and Zentangles. I just realized the greatest beauty of the Zentagles is not in the bigger shapes but in the fact that the bigger shapes are beautiful thanks to the hundreds of tiny parts that form them. That's certainly worth remembering.

May this thought serve for the real purpose of this post. Father Dragon is looking for good hearts who are willing to contribute to a noble cause. I won't request you to contribute to the dragon treasure, or to sponsor a dwarf or anything like that. All you need is good sight, a camera and a caring heart. The task is simple but believe me, it will contribute to a much higher and important purpose. If you wish to help me, please email me ( and I will give you further details that, because of their personal nature, I can't disclose here. 

My request comes right from my dragon heart, and my dragon heart thanks all those who answer this call and all of those who help me to share it.  

Dragon Hugs!